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You may think that your home insurance protects your home and property, but that's only partially true. While it does cover the value of your home and what's inside of it, it doesn't apply to everything that can do damage. Here are some of the most common exclusions you should look for. Floods READ MORE >>

As with most states, Indiana has its own laws and regulations about auto insurance. It’s important to have the right amount of car insurance not only to drive legally but to cover you and your vehicle in case of an accident. How Much Car Insurance Does Indiana Require? READ MORE >>

Many families buy condominiums to help them save on many of the upkeep responsibilities of the average home. Still, house or condo, you want to make it a home. That means letting your children have the space they need to grow and mature in a secure, safe place. READ MORE >>

Roughly 44% of Indiana is rural, and another 35% is a mixture of urban/rural settings. However, only 38% of Hoosiers live in these two areas, and roughly 2/3 of Indiana’s land area is made up of farmland. Therefore, once you get out of the state’s urban centers, you’ll see a lot of land, and very few people. READ MORE >>

At times, owning motorcycles is a family affair. Sometimes, you will own more than one bike, which you, your spouse and others might enjoy. Still, when it comes to insuring the vehicles, you must factor in the cost of coverage for two of them, and multiple policies. READ MORE >>

You probably own a classic car for one reason - you want to drive it. However, operating a classic car is not exactly the same thing as operating one of today's modern vehicle. Because of the values and operating risks attached to these vehicles, you might face a higher personal security threat. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance is an important investment. It provides protection to your business for many needs. It also provides coverage to cut losses associated with accidents you or your drivers cause. This liability component may be one of your most important investments. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is the financial legacy you plan to leave behind following your death. It can help your loved ones ease their personal burdens with a financial payout it provides. Therefore, as your family grows, how you want to use your policy might change. After your marriage, you might want your spouse to have benefits provided by your policy. READ MORE >>

You might think of your attached or detached garage as a storage place or junk room. But, think about the items you have inside the structure? Do you really want to lose them? Do you want to lose your car? If a thief were to gain access to the garage, then they could still cause you to lose a lot of money and security. READ MORE >>

You got caught driving drunk. You now have a DUI charge on your record, and that has triggered an SR-22 penalty. Therefore, you must carry car insurance. Yet, you don’t own a car. Do you still have to get coverage? The answer is yes. Just because you don’t own a car doesn’t mean you won’t drive. READ MORE >>

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