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Driving is dangerous regardless of how safety-conscious you are. You’ve probably seen accidents or breakdowns any time you’ve hit the road. One could happen to you in an instant.

Don’t risk worrying about how you’ll recover after a driving issue. If you have car insurance, your policy can pay for car damage, medical bills, legal settlements and other costs. Come to Mayflower Insurance Services, and we can guarantee you’ll get targeted coverage for all your needs.

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Why Do I Need Auto Insurance?

Whether you have your car parked in your driveway, or are on the interstate, there are risks present. If something happens, you might have to turn to your auto insurance to cover the costs of your losses. Your policy can help you in many ways.

  • It protects you financially. Rather than pay for damages out of pocket, let your insurance help you cover these costs. That equals more personal security.
  • Coverage helps you avoid costly legal losses. Your coverage can provide settlements to others injured because of your driving mistakes.
  • Auto insurance is the law. Almost all states require you to carry minimum levels of insurance. Your exact requirement will vary. Still, going without could equal substantial fines and penalties.
Personal security should remain your primary motivation in getting covered. Your coverage can include substantial protection in the event of problems behind the wheel.  


Standard Car Insurance Coverage Options

Most auto insurance policies can contain several types coverage. Depending on where you live, some of these options might be mandatory.

  • Liability insurance: Most states require you to carry property damage liability and bodily injury liability coverage. This coverage comes into play after an accident for which you are at-fault. A liability claim will help compensate others harmed because of your mistakes.
  • Collision coverage: Helps pay for your own vehicle damage that occurs in a car wreck. Click to find out more about collision coverage
  • Comprehensive insurance: Covers damage from non-accident hazards. Some of the accidents for which your policy might pay include fire, theft, vandalism or storm damage. Click to find out more about comprehensive coverage.
  • Uninsured/underinsured protection: If another at-fault driver does not have appropriate liability insurance, you don’t want to struggle to pay for losses that were not your fault. Use this coverage in place of another person’s lack of liability protection.
  • Medical payments: If you or you passengers get hurt, this coverage might help you pay medical bills. Some policies also include personal injury protection, which is similar.

You’ll often have a choice on certain financial limits, enhancements and deductibles. Ask your agent to help you determine the right amount of protection for you and your car.

Enhancing Your Protection

You generally have a lot of options within your policy. Some available enhancements include:

  • New/better car replacement coverage
  • Gap coverage and loan/lease pay off protection
  • Trip interruption protection
  • Pet injury coverage
  • Rental car or transportation expenses reimbursement
  • Lay-up coverage
  • Summer-use-only limits
  • Rate locks and diminishing deductibles
  • Accident/violation forgiveness options
  • Umbrella liability insurance
  • SR-22 coverage and certificate filing
  • Non-owners insurance

All policies will include various options and exclusions. Therefore, finding the right one is paramount to your driving security.

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